Image by Troy Bridges

Apprenticeship Program

As part of our goal to give back to the community INLEx Engineering runs an apprenticeship program, which aims to provide opportunities for Indigenous Australians

At INLEx Engineering, we believe that doing good is part of doing good business. As an Australian Industry leader in Hazardous Areas compliance, we understand the importance of passing on our knowledge and expertise in training and developing the next generation of expert electricians. 

With this in mind, we have embarked on an ambitious apprenticeship program to identify, train and employ talented and hard-working individuals in support of them becoming qualified Electro-Technologists with a strong background in all facets of electrical, instrumentation and hazardous area work. 

A key focus of our apprenticeship program is the provision of opportunities for Aboriginal people in urban, regional, and remote parts of Australia. We recognize that we cannot do this alone and as a result, we have been working closely with Aboriginal-owned, Supply Nation registered/certified businesses.

Together we are committed to ensuring that at least 50% of our student base for apprenticeship placements are offered to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, thereby creating opportunities for economic and community development in local communities.